Release Note: October

Release Notes is our monthly series that highlights all the power-ups and fixes we've introduced, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what's new.

October marks the beginning of the Sqkii community—one that encourages the exchange of knowledge on good bargains and promotions.

Here are the notable changes made during the month:

Tell others more about the promotion you tried

Since the commenting feature was released in October 10, more than 200 comments were posted by our community at Sqkii; shedding light on the latest updates, hidden clauses, quality of products, and even the legitimacy of certain promotions.

Why we did this:

Our team envisioned Sqkii to be a place where a community of nice and generous people shares details about promotions, discounts and offers with one another. And so it is only natural that we introduce the ability of posting comments on each individual promotion.

Know your rights and responsibilities on Sqkii

If you have been using our web app normally—without doing naughty stuff to game the system—you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Why we did this:

This is part of our efforts to promote a healthy ecosystem that is free from activities that may dampen our merchants' confidence and willingness to reward users for genuinely looking at their promotions.

The statement “I have read and agree to the terms & conditions” is probably the biggest lie on the web. And so our team took great pains to remove all the legal jargons and clauses to make even the full version of our terms & conditions easily understandable.

Be reminded of minimum credits to cashout

Now you can find a message that indicates the remaining credits required for you to cashout from Sqkii.

Why we did this:

We made the adjustments after receiving a feedback from a new user Phyo, who was confused over the minimum credits required to cashout.

Uncovered the mystery of the 'blank screen' experienced by some users

For quite some time now, we have been hearing from some users that they were unable to log into Sqkii as doing so would redirect them to a 'blank screen'.

After multiple atttempts, our team has finally found the cause of the problem: Private Browsing Mode—which disables storing of data on the hard drive and affect access onto Sqkii.

We have since made the necessary adjustments to allow some form of access, as opposed to restricting it completely, while reminding you of the limitations that accompany with such browsing mode.

How we fixed this:

Thanks to the patience and cooperation from our users Caroline, SuZhen and Beryl, our team was able to successfully diagnose and fix the problem relating to the 'blank screen'.

And everything else

If you have time, here's a list of all the other bug fixes and improvements made to ensure that our app's a little better than it was in September:

  • Added the latest privacy policy which reveals to you the type of user data that we are going to collect, use, and disclose.
  • Made enhancement to the user interface of individual cheese.
  • Updated search algorithm to show more relevant results.
  • Fixed issue where you were unable to update your profile picture. Thanks Gary for the tip-off!
  • Fixed issue that caused sponsored cheeses with no known start or end dates to be hidden from you.
  • Fixed issue where search results do not include companies with missing website.
  • Fixed seven other minor issues that aren't worth your time reading. You will feel the changes instead.

How we noticed these:

Credits to all users who had reached out to us in the month of October. Thanks to you, we were able to make Sqkii a better product than before.

That's a wrap for now. As always, your thoughts and suggestions continue to help us organise our roadmap and build a better product; please keep them coming—we are just a Facebook message away—and we will see you next month

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