Release Notes: September

We want to help you stay up-to-date with Sqkii's progress.

Almost every week, the Sqkii team pushes out new features, enhancements and bug fixes to our application. Up until now, we haven't done a great job keeping you informed and we want to change that.

From now on, on the last day of every month, we will be publishing a set of Release Notes that will highlight all the power-ups and fixes we've introduced, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what's new. And so without further ado, let's take a look at the important changes made since we made the transition to the new Sqkii platform:

Thanking promotions on the fly

Now you can 'thank' promotions (a.k.a. cheeses) as you are scrolling through your discovery feed. Swift and fast.

Why we did this:

Some of our users like Sean, Kenneth and Hannah enlightened us that they have been 'thanking' cheeses not only to show appreciation to their respective contributors, but also as a way to ‘bookmark' those which they might find handy in the future. And in those instances, they don’t necessarily need to know the promotion in detail right away.

They want to have the option to 'thank' cheeses without tapping into them. That makes a lot of sense to us and so we made the necessary changes.

Retrieving cheeses that you have thanked

Since many of you considered 'thanking' as a way to 'bookmark' promotions, now you can retrieve those that you've previously thanked by accessing your history log.

Simply open your profile page, tap 'more' to reveal the history tab. From there, you should be able to find a complete list to cull.

Why we did this:

You asked, so we delivered.

Sharing good promotions with others

Tap on new 'copy' icon to select and copy the URL of the cheese you'd like to share. Android users may see a slightly different interface but the button works just fine too!

Why we did this:

When we asked our user Kevin for suggestions to improve his Sqkii experience, he told us that "a button to allow easy sharing to social media and WhatsApp will be good."

So we took some time off our original project schedule to make sharing promotions on Sqkii much more convenient for our users. As much as we wish to include social sharing buttons, there exist some constraints with a single page web application like Sqkii that prevents us from doing so. This is one of the reasons why our team is working so very hard to build a native application for Sqkii.

Sqkii for Dummies

For those who have just joined us, we understand that it takes a while to grasp how Sqkii works—especially the part on receiving credits exchangeable for cash. That's why we added a simple tutorial to provide guidance to those who are a little lost.

Why we did this:

We spent some time to prepare this short tutorial after receiving questions from new users who are telling us that they didn't quite know how to use Sqkii. We hope this simple guide helps for the time being as we are preparing for something more immersive.

Add it to your Home Screen

Although Sqkii is not yet available on App Store or Play Store yet, you can still add our web app onto the home screen of your mobile devices for easier access.

It's a simple step that makes things a whole lot more convenient. For Android users, here are 4 different ways to do so depending on which browser you're using.

Why we did this:

We wish we could just have you download the app from the App Store or Play Store but building them takes time. So in the mean time, we hope this simple trick makes things a lil more convenient for you.

And everything else

If you have time, here's a list of all the other bug fixes and improvements made to ensure that our app's a little better than the previous months:

  • Improved discovery experience where you can now return to the last set of cheeses you were looking at before hitting on any merchant or profile page.
  • Updated search algorithm to make searching cheeses much more accurate. Try searching chicken wings. You get nothing but only chicken wings.
  • Added fields on 'settings' so you can include your personal particulars. Try filling in your mailing address. You know we like to gift surprises...
  • Fixed issue with having to click on a thank button in order to ascertain if the cheese has been previously thanked.
  • Fixed issue with having to re-login every visit. Woohoo!
  • Fixed issue where login was not working in some instances.
  • Fixed issue that caused title alignment in search results to be off. That was pretty embarassing.
  • Fixed issue that caused some of you to see not more than one sponsored cheese.
  • Fixed eleven other minor issues that aren't worth your time reading. You will feel the changes instead.

How we noticed them:

All credits go to our helpful users like Jian Ping, Sean, Yan Ting, YB, Caleb, Jingting, Li Min, Wei Ting, SuZhen, Saralyn and many others which I may not able to list here. Thank you for being a big part of helping us make Sqkii the best product it can possibly be.

That's all for our first set of release notes! Keep the feedback coming—we are just a Facebook message away—and we will talk to you soon!

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