3 reasons why I've not achieved an incredible life

Reflecting on these 3 reasons has led me to decide to change how I thought and lived.

Some time ago, I crafted a “bucket-list” of things that I will want to accomplish within the next few years.

Pen in hand, paper in sight; the ideas flowed quickly.


mixed martial arts…


learning a new language…

reading up about investing…

mastering some crazy gymnastics move…



I put the list up on my wall. I boasted about my colourful aspirations.

Then, time flew by.

Suddenly, one fine day, someone asked me about that bucket- list.

I had forgotten all about it. And I had barely ticked off anything as well.


Why? What happened?

At that moment, I was unable to clearly fathom the reasons.

Perhaps this is what most of us have gone through. We set gargantuan goals. We talk about doing amazing things. We psych ourselves up. However, not all of us will follow through on what we say. Then we start to regret and reflect.


After giving it much thought, I concluded that there are 3 main reasons behind my inaction.

1. I did not plan my list properly.

In life, most of us think of doing every single conceivable thing. We have our eyes on the prize- but fail to acknowledge the potentially arduous journey we need to take to get there. Are we prepared to commit? Are we setting realistic expectations? I did not ask these questions. I just set those goals because I thought they were "cool".

After a while, I realised how I was actually not particularly interested in certain things, and hence less than inclined to invest my time in them. Gradually, they became relegated to the bottom of my priority list.

If it is not your passion, it is not worth your time. If you have not found your passions or interests, this is not to say that you should not try something new. The takeaway here is that you probably should not put too many eggs in one basket. Think long-term. You will not want to waste your time, will you?

2. I was expecting quick results.

Sometimes, you work really hard but nothing seems to improve. Or you finally see that it ain't a bed of roses. You are not sure if you still "see the point". Eventually, you stop doing it altogether.

The thing is, we crave immediate gratification. However, life does not grant you with instant reward. You have to work for it.

I learnt that the act of "persevering" is easier said than done. It takes tremendous will, patience and self-belief to continue pressing on. Know that champions are not born overnight.

Ultimately, what it takes is being able to find a sense of purpose in what you are striving for. You may lament in that moment of despair that you see no purpose, but remember that you always need to see the big picture. You never know what will happen when you push further.

The message here is : do not give up. If you do, you will never get there.

3. I was reluctant to leave my comfort zone.

I wanted to try new things.

However, I was afraid of the unknown. I made excuses and procrastinated. I lazed around in my warm sanctuary. Nothing got done.

Here is the simple truth that I have learnt: No, there is not always going to be a "tomorrow". There is only "now". There is no time for imposing mental barriers upon yourself. Take away fear, and you take away any limits on your life.

It can be about being a chef, an athlete or an aspiring entrepreneur. Yes, it will be cold and unfamiliar. But that one plummet into unchartered territory will build you up while tearing you down. The lessons gathered through those experiences will be invaluable.

Only when you venture beyond what is comfortable will you accomplish extraordinary things.


Reflecting on these 3 reasons has led me to decide to change how I thought and lived. In a way, that is how I found myself at Sqkii. When offered an opportunity to experience something totally new and challenging, I jumped at it.

In the process, I met different people who have something amazingly in common.

They set their mind to something, took the first step into unfamiliarity, and stuck to it with a great deal of conviction.

Slowly but surely, these inspiring individuals found something which they firmly believed in. They went above and beyond their bucket-lists.

At any rate, it is about getting the best out of a variety of experiences.


I have learnt that the first step to an incredible life is to start acting on your dreams. Hopefully, you will do so as well.

Now :)

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