[Updated] A Fresh Cycling Experience For Everyone

Watching Sunsets, Petting Puppies, Experiencing Kampongs, Chasing Roosters, and Exclusive Discounts. You'll do them all.

This article—updated as of August 2016— will be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, where you'll be cycling! As usual, we’ve planned the entire route out so you’ll have a blast.

Furthermore, if you go down before the end of this month, we have some exclusive promotions just for our readers! Read on to find out more.

We'll be heading to Punggol End. We would suggest that you meet your kakis there between 4.30pm-5pm, when it’s not too hot to cycle.


We'll be renting bicycles at Punggol End and travelling down to enjoy the scenery at Punggol Promenade, Coney Island, Punggol Waterway, Kampung Lorong and the magnificent Sunset Bridge. To top it off, we will have some delicious food and drinks for dinner around the area as well.

View the map in full screen for better experience

Time required (approximate):

  • 3 hrs for the purple trail (slightly lesser if you intend skip coney island and cycle along the Punggol Promenade route - grey trail),
  • Additional 1 hr for Pet Farm at Pasir Ris (red trail) and
  • Additional 2 hrs for Kumpong Buangkok (brown trail).

1. Take bus 84 from Punggol MRT.

The nearest MRT station is of course, Punggol Station. From there, go to the bus terminal (Exit C) and take bus service 84 all the way to Punggol End.

“You do know that’s the ONLY way to get there right?”

2. Rent a Bicycle

Make sure you alight after the bus makes a U-turn. Walk towards the sea, turn right and walk straight. The bicycle shop is right at the corner.

From what we know, the 3 hours rate for a standard bicycle used to be $16. Let us know if that has changed so we can update the rest of our readers.

3a. Experience the rustic nature on Coney Island

Head on to Coney Island and reward yourself with its beautiful beaches and nature.

The rustic Coney Island Park is an ecologically sustainable park with many environmental initiatives. It focuses on conserving energy and water, recycling and retaining of the natural elements in the park. If you are lucky you could bump into wild boars, otters, cow or even pangolins.

The famous resident cow of Coney Island

The path might be difficult to cycle at times, but it is worth it

You could even see Pulau Ubin island from here

Take your time to explore Coney Island, there are many instagram worthy spot to take picture with. It will take around an hour to tour the island.

3b. Experience the sea view along Punggol Promenade

If you don't like the cycling on sandy and rocky path, head on and cycle along the promenade to enjoy its own beauty.

Punggol Promenade was once a dirt path of red sand, but a road has been constructed, making cycling so much easier. Here you can experience the sea view and the view of Coney Island.

4a. Head towards Lorong Halus

Turn right as you cycled past the bridge (you will notice a sign that points towards to Lorong Halus).

Bridge Connector that links Coney Island Park to Pasir Ris Farmway and Lorong Halus

After enjoying the views in Lorong Halus, you'll encounter two bridges, The Lorong Halus bridge and Sunrise bridge. What better way to enjoy the scenery than with a mandatory selfie shot?

Lorong Halus Bridge, it is definitely beautiful enough for selfie!

Sunrise Bridge, where you can see the sun rise in the morning, in case you want to come another day

4b. Pet puppies at Pasir Ris

If you have time to spare, head on to Pasir ris and visit the animal farm. The main attraction at Pasir Ris Farmway is most notably the dog farms. Go on straight (instead of turning right to Lorong Halus) until you reach the main road, turn right after that and follow the direction of the map embedded in the first section (may take arond 15 mins to reach there).

A typical storefront of a store that sells puppies

While it’s impractical to immediately purchase a pet, you can take some time to take a look at the wide array of dogs and fishes in the area. Most owners let you touch their dogs as long as you don’t let them lick you.

You can spend up to 30 minutes there before heading back.

5. Ride along the Waterway, which is much different from riding along a coastal route

Head across the waterway that is around 4.2km long. You’ll pass by Punggol Waterway Park, another fascinating landmark. Keep cycling along the waterway while enjoying the amazing scenery laid out.

The waterway is a man-made one that was recently constructed for Project Punggol 21+ to bring in more people to move into the area. The experience is much different from cycling in Pasir Ris Park or East Coast Park, because you get to see nature by the riverside, instead of the coastal route.

6. Experience the deep history of Punggol

Along the waterway, you can admire some amazing water sculptures.

Not only that, you will get to read the entire history of Punggol engraved onto the walls of the park.

7. Take a scenic ride along Punggol River

When you get to the end, you are technically at the Sunset stripe. If it's already 7-7.30pm, skip to Step 10.

If not, make a left turn facing the bridge and head towards the next destination. We'll come back to the Sunset Bridge later.

8. Take more selfies!

You’ll hit the floating garden on your right (shortly after the community centre).

The design is based on fruits, and what better way to show off your healthy lifestyle photos posing with fruits?

(Pardon the attempt at humour.)

9. Experience Kampung life at Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Travel further down and you’ll hit the very last Kampong Village in Singapore, Kampong Lorong Buangkok.

For those from my generation, experience the culture, albeit briefly, that shaped Singapore into what it is today.

At this point, it's better to make a U-turn because going any further is dangerous due to traffic.

10. End the trip with a magnificent view at Jewel Bridge

On the way back, you’ll arrive at Sunset bridge a second time. If you’ve been following our schedule, you'll arrive at around 7-7.30pm.

Here you can view some of the most spectacular sunsets on this bridge. It’s a dome shaped shelter on a huge bridge.

Thereafter you can enjoy the rest of the ride back to Jomando Bicycle Shop and return the bicycles.


As Singaporeans, we’re definitely far from done because the most important thing of the entire trip is missing: Food!

Around the corner is a shop called Horizon Bistronomy, where they serve French dishes of fine-dinning standard with affordable prices and causal setting.

You can receive two glasses of house pour at only $13.90+ with every purchase of main course. For more details, click here.

Like what we have always believed at Sqkii, going out doesn’t need to be expensive if you are aware of the deals around.

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